Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey, I'm just a few short pounds from my goal.

Well folks, I don't want to say my life was simpler when I was fatter but it sure seems that way. Maybe when I didn't care so much about myself; I didn't care so much about anything else either. My mom has made a few trips in and out of the hospital as has my father in law. Add to that, my wife had her knee surgery last week but is recovering nicely. For me, I've been trudging through my diet and trying to get some exercise as well. I bought a used BowFlex and am determined not to let it become a large clothes rack as the person I bought from was using it for. Unfortunately my treadmill (which I loved) is in Mississippi and the BowFlex is here in Louisiana so I don't get to use them both at the same time. Hopefully I can sell the New Orleans home and combine my gear...then I'll have to find time to use them being that the commute is about 3 hours round trip or more depending on traffic.

All that aside, I was able to take off a few more pounds. I must also admit I cheated on Diet to Go. I have been feeling stuck and had plateaued at around 220 or so...couldn't get the scale to move so I felt I needed something to jump start my routine again. I'm not going to mention the plan but if you've ever come across one of those "Swedish Ski Team" diets, it's very similar. It's only for 4 days and I've done it twice now...I figured I could do anything for four days. It's hard but like any diet; if you stick to it they all work.

I'm back on my delicious DTG food now and have a new appreciation for the flavors that I once became bored with. It's not surprising after being on the program for almost 15 months now. The convenience is well worth the price for me because of my job and travel involved. My wife can feed my son and not have to worry about me. For those continuing to find the holy grail of diets I'll save you some time...there isn't one. It's the one that works for you and your lifestyle. Diet To Go has fit in the best. I'm happy to see they are changing a few of their low fat and veggie meals. I would love to make some recommendations on the low carb plan for them as there are many meals that are very good but others that could use some help.

I see I have some new followers and I really want to know how you're enjoying the plan. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook by adding me as your friend. Simply put DTG in your request so I know who you are. You'll find me as Bo Boots Walker. I can help you with preparation as well as hunger do's and dont's, tricks and tips. Hit me up and good luck! Bo

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  1. Keep it up BO!
    How do you like the BoFlex?
    I too have been stuck and drifted backwards a little. Life does seem to be more complex once we start actually living it, instead of numbing ourselves with food. Hope the family all get well soon.