Friday, January 22, 2010

It's coming up on my one year anniversary!

All I can say is Thank you Diet to Go as Bo Walker has lost 40 pounds in one year while on the program. That may not rattle any cages given the gastric bypass mentality of today but doing it the slow easy way has proven to work better than the quick and hard on your body way. Case in point is I likely would have given up after 6 months or so and began eating my way back up to an even higher weight than before. I know this because I've done it so many times in the past. I'm proud to say that I stuck to a diet program for an entire year and even though I haven't met my goal of losing 60 pounds I'm happy that during an immensely stressful period of change and flux I was able to stay very close to my meal plan and succeed.

Traveling between two states pretty regularly doesn't leave me with the time I would like to have devoted to keeping up with this blog. I'm posting when I have time and including pictures when I get a chance to take them. I promise to include some shots of me in the poses I was using earlier in my weekly posts. My body has made some amazing transformations over the last year. My only wish is that I had more time for exercise. When I was walking every morning I felt better than ever and could feel myself getting stronger and more muscle definition not only in my legs but in my belly too. I look at pictures of me before my surgery (and I may be misusing the term) but I looked "cut." At least as cut as a fat guy can look. Because I had to shelf the exercise for several weeks after the surgery and have since moved my treadmill to Mississippi, I haven't had the time to walk. Something I need to fix as drinking water and exercise are the keys to consistent weight loss and regulating your sugars.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, my blood work numbers have never been in range but this last battery of tests confirmed that I was on the right track. ALL of my tests turned out to be in range. Some could be better but you know how the data kicks out the number to the right if it's out of range? I didn't have a sing number over there and that's huge!

Diet to go is not cheap but consider it an investment in yourself! You're worth it. As I wait for my work partner to have his gastric bypass I wonder how he will do without being able to have a loving relationship with food. Dieting is different from quitting smoking or drinking or whatever. The difference is you HAVE to eat. It's what you choose to put in your mouth and how much of it you decide to portion that will determine how you will fair with any diet. They all work but you must count something; carbs, calories, protein, sugar, etc. Any plan will work too but you must make the commitment to stick to it. I've tried most of the popular diet programs on the market today and some of the fringe ones too. Diet to go mixes a solid meal plan with great support and that is what makes it successful. If you are truly interested in losing weight and keeping it off log on to and look around. I'm positive there is a meal plan that works for you. The low carb worked for me because of my sugar issues and I've come back from the brink after hitting almost 260 a year ago. Good luck and thanks again Diet To Go!

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  1. You've done an exceptional job at making lifestyle changes and getting healthier for you and your family. Your co-worker is making a choice I'm glad I didn't have to make because for me there was prayer, diet-to-go and Sport & Health and a trainer. You are right when you say it's an investment in yourself. Unfortunately as you know there's no magic pill, this is the right way to do it. Your co-worker may get a quick start, but ultimately they will need to make the same changes as you described above and have done. Well done Bo, stay healthy my DTG friend.